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Our inventory of perennials varies during the season, but there are always some for sun or shade.

ACANTHUS - Bear's Breeches



AQUILEGIA - Columbine

I don't always have all of these varieties in stock, but usually have most of these plus some other seedlings in various color.

ARUNCUS - Goatsbears

ASARUM - Ginger


A genus of summer flowering perennials, grown for their spikes of flowers that remain handsome even when dried brown in winter. Good for borders or rock gardens.

Assorted colors, maybe those pictured, maybe others. The selection changes during the season.





A member of the legume family. These like full sun, ample water when in active growth and fertile, well-drained soil.

CHELONE - Turtlehead


CONVALLARIA - Lily of the Valley

  • CONVALLARIA MAJALIS 'ALBOSTRIATA' - Striped lily of the valley. Green leaves with vertical gold to cream stripes. White flowers. $12.00 in quart pots. Very limited supply so order early.
  • CONVALLARIA MAJALIS 'VARIEGATA' - Edged lily of the valley. Green leaves with a thin gold edge. The photo was taken late in the season when the edge had faded quite a bit. It is very pronounced in the spring and summer. White flowers. Both of these are grow just like the more common version and spread just as quickly if they are in a place where they are happy. $8.00 in quart pots.


These lacy foliaged plants have become quite popular in recent years. The open, airy leaves are a good contrast to hostas. Plant them in a rich well drained soil.

  • CORYDALIS LUTEA 12-15" tall with delicate blue green ferny foliage. Flowers are bright yellow and tubular. Likes shade and good drainage. Multiplies nicely without being invasive. $5.00
  • CORYDALIS OPHIOCARPA - 30" tall with blue-green to gray-green ferny foliage. The ivory flowers are tipped with dark red. This plant, from the Eastern Himalayan region, grows in sun to part shade and needs good drainage. Zones 6-8 $5.00

DICENTRA - Bleeding Hearts

These are available only early in the season as they go dormant once the hot weather starts.

  • DICENTRA SPECTABILIS Old fashioned pink/red flowered Bleeding Hearts. Spring blooming, dormant by mid summer most years, blue green leaves. Best in light shade in moist soil. Zones 4-6. $10.00 in gallon pots
  • DICENTRA SPECTABILIS ALBA - Pure white heart shaped flowers and blue green leaves. White version of the one above. $10.00 in gallon pots.
  • DICENTRA EXIMA - Dwarf Bleeding Heart of Fern-leaf Bleeding Heart. Pale pink flowers and ferny foliage. Spring blooming, but may rebloom in the fall. about 12" tall. Z3 $10.00 in gallon pots.

DIGITALIS - Foxglove

  • DIGITALIS GRANDIFLORA Spikes of pale yellow flowers mid-summer above mounds of shiny green foliage. Good increaser. $10.00 in gallon pots.
  • DIGITALIS PURPUREA Assorted colors. Biennial. Self seeds. Tall spikes of bells above fuzzy grey/green foliage. $10.00 in gallon pots.


  • DISPOROPSIS PERNEYI - Shiny green foliage. Tiny white flowers early in summer. About 8-12" tall. $5.00 in quarts


A genus of one species. Needs sun to part shade and well-drained soil.

  • EOMECON CHIONANTHUS (Snow Poppy) A vigorous, spreading perennial, 12-16" tall. Zones 6-9. Leaves are grey/green. Small, nodding white flowers in summer on stems held above the leaves. $5.00


I will have an assortment of Epimediums, though not sure yet which ones. I'll update when I know for sure. There will be at least 4 or 5 different ones, though.

  • EPIMEDIUM ACUMINATUM - Long evergreen leaves and long spurred, two toned purple and pale lavender/mauve flowers. Shady area with humus rich soil. Zones 5-9. $10.00 in gallon pots.
  • EPIMEDIUM GRANDIFLORUM 'LILAFEE' - In the spring, purple new growth is topped with violet/purple flowers. A vigorous variety that flowers freely and forms a compact mound. Zones 5-9. $10.00 in gallon pots.
  • EPIMEDIUM PINNATUM COLCHICUM - Delicate yellow flowers, fairly low growing, about 12" tall. $10.00 in gallon pots.
  • EPIMEDIUM × CANTABRIGIENSE - A shower of tiny peach flowers above medium green leaves. Shade to part shade. About 15" tall. Zones 5-9 $10.00 in gallon pots.

EQUISETUM (Horsetail)

Provides vertical lines and/or soft, feathery textures not found in other plant groups. Spreads by rhizomes and can be aggressive. Erect, hollow, grooved and jointed stems. Leaves are nearly nonexistent. In the wild these are found in waste places in sandy, gravely soil. An interesting curiosity for the garden.

  • EQUISETUM HYEMALE Scouring Rush, here called Horsetail. 2 - 4 feet tall, unbranched, erect, evergreen. Zones 2 - 10. Native to North America, Europ and Asia. $5.00 in quart pots.
  • EQUISETUM TRISENIALES (Miniature Scouring Rush) Zones 4-7 Half to full sun. Works well with hostas, Japanese maple,sedums, or in a rockery. 6" tall, very fine, wirey texture, evergreen. Well drained but moist soil. Prolific if it likes where you plant it. Dreadfully cute. $5.00


  • See ferns under the following headings: Adiantum, Athyrium, Dryopteris, Matteuccia, Onoclea, Osmunda, Polystichum


A genus of spring and summer-flowering perennials. Full sun in moisture retentive soils, best in part shade otherwise.

  • FILIPENDULA KAMTSCHATICA' Zone 3-8 Finely cut green folige. Pink flowers on a bloom scape that can reach 6 feet tall in mid to late summer. Not particular about soil. Likes full sun. $10.00 in gallons
  • FILIPENDULA ULMARIA 'AUREA' Zone 3-8 Bright gold foliage. 45" bloom scape with creamy white flowers in late summer. Not particular about soil, but likes a moist, well drained location in light shade. $5.00
  • FILIPENDULA ULMARIA 'VARIEGATA' Zone 3-8 Similar in leaf shape and flowering as the one above, but with green and cream variegated foliage. Likes more sun but will also take part shade. $5.00

FRAGARIA - Strawberry

  • FRAGARIA VESCA 'VARIEGATA' - A striking white and green variegated leaved strawberry for an exciting groundcover. Z5 $10 in gallon pots.


  • GALEGA HARTLANDII 'LADY WILSON' Blue flowers all summer until frost. About 4 feet tall. Spreads as a clump but does not seem to set seed. Quite lovely. $10.00 in gallons


The Ivies. Great groundcovers and climbers, maybe a bit too much at times, but easily controlled. All green forms are very shade tolerant, while those with white or yellow markings need a bit more sun.

  • HEDERA HELIX 'GOLDHEART' - An English Ivy with a prominent splash of gold in the center of each deep green leaf. Red stems are showy through the winter. Slow to establish, but then grows rapidly. Zones 7-9, but in sun and with immaculate drainage and protection from winter wind will grow successfully in zone 6. We have a large colony growing along the edge of Lake Amanda which is definitely robust. $5.00 in quarts
  • HEDERA HELIX 'GOLDEN CHILD' - A lovely variegated ivy. Doesn't seem as invasive as the species, but then it hasn't been here as long. $5.00 in quart pots.


I will have seedling Hellebores in many different colors - white, pink, purple, yellow, greenish and many with speckles. These start blooming in late winter, so get here early in the spring to see them and have a good selection of colors.

  • HELLEBORE FOETIDUS - An extremely winter hardy hellebore with green flowers very early in the spring. $5.00 in quarts, $10.00 in gallons.
  • HELLEBORE 'PINE KNOTT STRAIN' - assorted colors in these wonderful, super-early bloomers. $5.00 in quarts, $10.00 each in gallons.
  • HELLEBORE VARIEGATED FOLIAGE - wonderful splashed foliage, either white, yellow, or cream. Blooms just as early and happily as it's more plain cousins. Very limited availibility $25.00


  • ISOTOMA FLUVIATILIS - Not sure if this has a common name, but is a lovely thing anyway. Evergreen in a mild winter. Very hard in any case. Low growing ground-cover with beautiful tiny blue flowers. $5.00 in quarts.


  • JASMINUM NUDIFLORUM AUREUM Creeping shrub, very slow growing. Green leaves with splashed yellow variegation. Yellow flowers as early as January. $10.00 in gallons and a few small pots at $5


  • KALIMERIS YOMENA 'VARIEGATA' - Creamy gold, white and green variegated aster-like foliage. Covered with lavender daisy-like flowers late summer through frost. Z 4. $10.00 in gallons.


  • KNAUTIA MACEDONIA 'MARS MIDGET' - A profusion of bright, ruby red flowers from June until frost on compact, dwarf plants. Attractive to butterflies and good for cutting. 12" tall. Z 5 $10.00 in gallons.


  • LOBELIA CARDINALIS' - (Cardinal Flower) Red flowers from mid summer to frost. About 4 feet tall. Self seeds. Loves a boggy place in full sun. Quarts $5.00 A few in gallons for $10.00


A group with different colored flowers, different growth habits


A huge family of very diverse plants, some groundcovers, some upright, some evergreen, some ....

  • LYSIMACHIA CILIATA - Dark burgundy leaves (fade to greenish later in the season) and bright yellow spikes of flowers. Makes and ever expanding clump, but so far doesn't seem to seed. $10.00 in gallons
  • LYSIMACHIA MINUTISSIMA - The tiniest of dark green leaves with tiny bright yellow flowers in early summer. Seems to light light shade. $5.00 in quarts.
  • LYSIMACHIA NUMULARIA AUREA - Bright gold groundcover. Evergreen in milder climates or in mild winters. Part sun/light shade. $5.00 in quarts.

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