• MERTENSIA VIRGINICA - Virginia Bluebells. Erect plant with smooth grey-green foliage and nodding clusters of pink buds that open inot light blue trumpet shaped flowers. 8-24" tall. Blooms May to June. Likes moist woods. $5.00 in quart pots. $10.00 in gallons.


Perennials grown for their aromatic foliage as well as their flowers which are attractive to hummingbirds. Prefers sun to part shade and moist soil.

I haven't dug these yet as I write this in January, but I should have all of these and maybe another.

MYOSOTIS (Forget Me Not)

Good in rock gardens, on banks, and at the water edge.

  • MYOSOTIS SYLVATICA COMPACTA 8 - 12" Tall. Lovely tiny sky blue flowers with dainty gold centers. Blooms continuously, May - Sept. Sun or part shade. Good for rock gardens, woodland gardens or the water's edge. Prefers moist to wet gravelly soil. Beautiful naturalized along a woodland stream. Makes a good groundcover, though won't take heavy foot traffic. Slowly slightly invasive. $5.00

NEPETA - Cat Mint

  • NEPETA 'LITTLE TRUDY' - Serrated silvery foliage with long season lavender blooms. A compact cultivar that can thrive in xeric conditions. 8-10" tall, Z 4. $10.00 in gallongs.


  • ONOCLEA SENSIBILIS - Sensitive Fern Sensitive only in that it dies back with the first light frost. Otherwise quite sturdy and easy to grow, spreading slowly to form a small colony. 1 - 3 feet tall, erect and deciduous. Spreads both by spores and creeping rhizomes. Fertile fronds appear late in the season and can be used in dry arrangements. It occurs in marshes, ditches and swamps, though will also grow in average garden soil in both shaded or open areas. Native to eastern North America. in gallons $10.00

ORIGANUM - Oregano

  • ORIGANUM 'AMETHYST FALLS' - A long blooming selection with amethyst flowers flowing abundantly from ornamental hop-like cones and attractive textured, glaucous leaves. Drought resistant. Spicy scent. 8-12" tall. Z 5. $10.00 in gallons



  • PETASITES JAPONICUS RUBRA - Huge deep green leaves with the richest burgundy red undersides and stems. Just as showy as the variegated one but in a more subtle way. Blooms are more red. $5.00 in quarts
  • PETASITES JAPONICUS VARIEGATUS - The picture is of the bloomscape which appears in early spring, long before the leaves emerge. The flowers are a ball of delicate pink atop a tall, stiff green scape. When the leaves appear, they are green with a white border, heart shaped and quite tropical looking. Likes partial shade and though it will tolerate afternoon sun, it will wilt horribly and just make you feel guilty for putting it in that spot in the garden. $7.00 in quarts, $10.00 in gallons. PETASITES BLOOM ABOUT TO OPEN


  • PHLOX DIVARICATA - A groundcover Phlox. A mat of green leaves with dancing lavender flowers on about 6-8 inch stems. Blooms spring into early summer. $5.00 in quart pots.
  • PHLOX PANICULATA - Old fashioned purple phlox. Some other colors might be available too. $10.00 in gallon pots.
  • PHLOX PANICULATA 'DAVID' - A tall one, nearly 40" with pure white flowers. Highly mildew resistant. $10.00 in gallon pots.
  • PHLOX PANICULATA 'NORA LEIGH' - Creamy white leaves with a center line of green make for very attractive variegated foliage. Blossoms are white with a pink eye. 28" tall. Z3 $10.00 in gallon pots.


  • PINELLIA ATROPURPUREUM - A smaller version of tripartita with the "pulpit" deep purple inside. Cute. $8.00 in quart pots.
  • PINELLIA TRIPARTITA - Three part leaves and a hooded spathe with an extremely long spadice, reminiscent of a jack in the pulpit to which it is related. About a foot tall. Zones 6-9 $10.00 in gallon pots.
  • PINELLIA TRIPARTITA 'GOLDEN DRAGON' - a gold leaf form of the common Pinellia. Comes true from seed. Needs a bit of sun for the gold color to show. $5.00 in quarts.

PLATYCODON - Balloon Flower


  • PODOPHYLLUM PELTATUM - Mayapple. Solitary nodding flower borne in the crotch between a pair of large, deeply lobed leaves. Flowers 2" wide with 6-9 waxy white petals. 12-18" tall. Blooms April-June. Likes rich woods and damp, shady clearings. $5.00 in quarts. Some larger ones may be available.


Spring and early summer flowering rhizomatous perennials. Needs a cool, shady spot with fertile, well-drained soil.


ornamental buckwheat

  • POLYGONUM CUSPIDATUM 'SPECTABILE' - A spectacular buckwheat with new stalks emerging coral in spring and looking much like large pink asparagus. Quickly reach 4 feet tall with leaves splashed white, green and pink. Tiny white flowers in late summer. $10.00 in gallons. $5.00 in quarts


  • POLYSTICHUM ACROSTICHOIDES - Christmas Fern. An evergreen fern with 1 to 2 foot long, slender, much branched, fern with multiple crowns. Zones 3 - 9. Easy to grow, this is a robust plant. Not too fussy, but is prefers moist woodland but also does well among rocks and or dryish slopes. In gallon pots for $10.00 or quarts for $5.00


A wonderful plant for shade. Leaves are hairy in varying shades of green with silver spotting and speckling. They have been referred to as "hostas without slugs and prettier flowers." Partial shade to full shade in rich moist humusy soil. Good ground cover under shrubs or along a shaded path. Excellent with hostas. We grow a dozen or so different kinds. All will be available at the nursery for $6.00 a quart. The pulmonaria pictured is Hoot Owl, our own selection, not yet available.

  • PULMONARIA 'DORA BIELFIELD' - green leaves, more olive than other pulmonarias, with muted silver/white spots. The best part about this pulmonaria is the baby pink flowers in early spring. A totally unique color in pulmonaria. $5.00 in quarts
  • PULMONARIA - assorted varieties in varying shades of green and silver with flowers in blue, pink or white. $5.00 in quarts, $10.00 in gallons.


  • RANUNCULUS FICARIA 'BRAZEN HUSSY' -From the woodlands of Europe and northern Aftica. Bronze, almost black foliage. Bright yellow, many petaled buttercup-like flowers in early spring. Goes dormant in summer. Moist but well drained soil. Light shade. Zones 5-9. $5.00
  • RANUNCULUS FICARIA FLORA PLENA - Double Yellow Blooms $5.00 in quarts.
  • RANUNCULUS REPENS 'BUTTERED POPCORN' light green and yellow variegated, deeply incised leaves. Yellow buttercup flowers in May. Follows dampness. Makes a large, impressive clump within one season. $5.00



  • SALVIA LYRATA 'PURPLE KNOCKOUT' - Very flat purple rosette of leaves with white flowers late summer. Our seem to seed themselves mostly into gravel walks and they also seem to thrive there. $5.00
  • SALVIA ULINGINOSA' - The best blue color. Tall plant, probably 4 feet or so. Blooms from early summer till frost. Likes a very damp place in full sun. $5.00
  • SALVIA GREGGII 'WILD THING' - Aromatic mounds of dark, semi-evergreen foliage are covered with flushed of hot pink flowers from May to October. 20" tall. Z 5b $10.00 in gallons.


A genus of evergreen and semi-evergreen perennials grown for their flowers and attractive foliage. Excellent in rock gardens, raised beds and as a ground cover in the shade garden.

  • SAXIFRAGA STOLONIFERA - Evergreen prostrate perennial with runners. 6" tall with an indefinite spread. Large, rounded shallowly lobed leaves, hairy, silver-veined and olive green above, reddish purple below. Loose panicles of tiny, mothlike, white flowers, each with 4 equal sized petals and one elongated petal, appear in summer on slender, upright stems. Zones 6-8. $5.00 in quarts.


  • SOLIDASTER LUTEUS - Dense heads of golden daisies from July to September. Makes and excellent cut flower. A cross between goldenrod and a white aster. 18-24" tall. Z 3. $10.00 in gallons.


  • SPEIRANTHA CONVALLARIOIDES - Shade loving perennial, about 6 inches tall. Shiny dark green leaves and spidery white flowers in spring. $8.00 in quarts Limited quantity.


  • STACHYS BYZANTINA - Sun of light shade. About 6 inches tall. Furry grey green leaves and spikes of lavender flowers in early summer. $8.00 in quarts


  • TANACETUM PARTHENIUM - Feverfew. White double flowers. Nicely scented foliage. Self seeds. $5.00 in quarts.
  • TANACETUM VULGARE - Tansy. Blooms in August with bright yellow flowers and lacy foliage. $5.00 in quarts.
  • TANACETUM VULGARE VAR. CRISPUM - Fernleaf Tansy. Wonderful curly leaves, heavier than the species. Same yellow flowers. $10.00 in gallons.


  • TARAXICUM OFFICINALE ALBA - White flowered dandelion. Wonderful plant, blooms early spring and usually again in the fall. Leaves slightly different than the yellow flowered variety. Dormant through mid summer. Spreads lightly. Not invasive in 15 years in our garden. $5.00 in quarts.

TIARELLA (foam flower)

Genus of perennials, some of which are evergreen. Excellent as a ground cover. Tolerate deep shade and prefers moist but well-drained soil. Flowers in May and June. Clumps of maple-like leaves. Some types are stoloniferous and some are clumpers. Good interplanted with hostas, astilbes or pulmonarias. Divide in spring. Zones 3-8


  • TOLMEIA MENZIESII - Hardy Piggy Back Plant. Wonderfully fun plant that makes baby plants on top of its leaves. Just pin the leaf down to the ground to root it and you'll have another plant. They will eventually grow roots on the new plantlets up in the air that can also be potted up for house plants. $5.00 in quarts.

TOVARA (Persicaria)

Very hardy in sun or shade. Plant in fertile moist soil. Adds a splash of color to the shade garden. Zones 3-9


    TRADESCANTIA 'BLUE AND GOLD' - Striking golden foliage contrasts with purple blue flowers. Blooms in June and again in September if deadheaded. 24" tall. Z3. $10.00 in gallons


  • TRACHYSTEMON ORIENTALIS - An easy shade plant. Blooms at the first hint of spring so may need some protection from late frosts. About 8 inches tall. Slowly makes a small colony. $10.00 in gallon pots.


  • TRICYRTIS HIRTA VARIEGATA - An easy shade plant. Fall bloomer. Green leaves with a narrow creamy margin. $10.00 in gallon pots.


  • TRILLIUM GRANDIFLORUM - An easy trillium for the shade garden. Large, solitary, waxy white flower (turns pink with age) on an erect stalk with a whorl of 3 leaves. Flowers are 2-4 inches across. 8-18" tall. Blooms April - June. Likes rich woods in basic to neutral soils. $8.00 in quart pots.


  • UVULARIA PERFOLIATA - An early summer bloomer. Delicate nodding stems with yellow flowers. Shade. $8.00 in quart pots.
  • UVULARIA SESSILIFOLIA VARIEGATA Shade. Danty variegated plant with green and white leaves and creamy white flowers in late spring or early summer. Only about 8 inches tall. $8.00 in quart pots. Very limited quantity



  • VINCA MAJOR ELEGANTISSIMA - Larger leaves than the common vinca and with a lovely marbled variegation. $5.00
  • VINCA MINOR Green leaves, blue/purple flowers. Good groundcover for shade. $5.00
  • VINCA MINOR 'VALLEY GLOW' - Green and gold leaves, more gold early in the season, more green later. Some sun brings out the color. White flowers. $5.00 in quarts.


A genus of perennials grown primarily for their distinctive flowers. Grow best in part shade, though some will tolerate sun. Give them moisture retentive but well-drained soil.

  • VIOLA - Sweet White Violet. Solid green leaves and white flowers. Freely spreading. $5.00
  • VIOLA 'FRECKLES' - White blooms with purple 'freckles' in the spring. $5.00 in quarts
  • VIOLA LABRADORICA 'PURPUREA' - Short stems with purplish leaves. Violet flowers. Will enjoy a sunny, well drained spot. $5.00
  • VIOLET - YELLOW FLOWERED - A lovely spring blooming violet with bright yellow flowers. Likes shade. $5.00 in quarts.




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