Welcome to our Un-Catalog. As we're now mostly retired, we're not really in the business of selling plants any more, (twenty years of being field hands is enough), but since we still have a bunch of plants in pots, things that would just love to come and live with you, we will offer them them to our nursery friends in exchange for a donation towards the upkeep of the gardens.

We are no longer selling by mail order (mostly), although a small bit of begging might get you some daylilies or hostas into a box and headed your way.

Please NOTE: We are no longer accepting credit cards

A Large Selection of Hosta for the Shady Parts of the Perennial Garden (updated 2/1/17)

Plenty of Daylilies to Add Color to the Gardens (updated 2/1/17)

Perennials including Monarda, Hellebores, Opuntia and Primulas (updated 2/1/17)

Various Trees and Shrubs to Accent both Sunny and Shady Gardens (updated 2/1/17)



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The Catalog was updated on 1 February 2017

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