Although grown primarily for their foliage, hostas also produce lovely lavender or white trumpet shaped flowers, and are indispensable plants in the shady parts of the perennial garden. They make wonderful edges for walks and paths, and are equally stunning set in large drifts. Try interplanting with daffodils to cover fading daffodil foliage. Hostas like shade to partial shade and moist, well-drained soil. Blue leaves need more shade, gold ones more sun to bring out their color. Deer, voles and slugs are their only major nemeses. Hostas like edge of the wood conditions, and enjoy being interplanted with other shade loving plants such as tiarella, pulmonaria, astilbe, hellebores and ferns. Low maintenance is one of their strong points - they seldom need dividing unless you want more plants.
        Hostas are sized as follows: D = Dwarf, 3-6 "; S = Small, 6-12"; M = Medium, 12-24"; L = Large, 24-36"; VL = Very Large, Over 36". Zones 3-9
Hosta (M-Z)


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